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2019 5x5 Project - Abend Gallery, Denver, CO
2019 LCAD Alumni Show, Laguna Beach, CA
2019 Biennual Portrait Competition - Wausau Museum of Contmporary Art, Wausau, WI
2019 Debut Solo Exhibition - Abend Gallery, Denver, CO
2018 Annual miniatures show - Abend Gallery, Denver, CO
2018 Spring Collection - Vanessa Rothe Fine Art, New York, NY
2017 Five and Under - Arcadia contemporary, Los Angeles, CA
2017 Art Palm Springs - Arcadia Contemporary, Palm Springs, CA
2016 Sight Unseen - Abend Gallery, Denver, CO


American Art Collector
International Artist Magazine
Los Angeles Magazine
OC Weekly



Matt Talbert is a contemporary oil painter living in Southern California.  While he grew up at the beach, Matt attributes much of his artistic development to his years spent in New York City.  Working in the basement of the famous Pearl art store on Canal Street and meeting a wide range of artists from all disciplines was indispensable.  He is both a graduate from the Orange County School of the Arts and the Laguna College of Art and Design and has had the honor of being named one of the "Top 100 Figurative Artist Working Now" by PoetsArtists Magazine.  Matt's primary focus is expressive paintings of the human figure exhibited in galleries such as Arcadia Contemporary, Abend Gallery, and the Salmagundi Club in New York.    You can find Matt’s work in recent issues of American Art Collector, International Artist, and PoetsArtists Magazine. Matt’s has recently done large scale commissions for the Bryant family and notable Australian architect Billy Kavellaris. 


I paint people, but I am more interested in conveying an emotional state rather than illustrating an outward appearance.  By blurring the line between our physical reality and the reality in our mind, the figures in my paintings reside in a world not quite of our own.  Using oil paint I contrast the subtlety of skins tones with bold colors and thick textures in the background to enhance the emotions at play. Through facial expressions and body language I attempt to tell a universal truth about what it is to be human.  I have found that trusting my intuition, embracing spontaneity and doing so with confidence are the keys to this body of work.